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The Convoy...
Big Trucks, State Patrol Escort, the Steering Wheel on the "Wrong" Side of the Vehicle. What fun! And you will be raising money for Camp Fire, too!

The Convoy is a unique fundraising adventure. Each year, in later summer/early fall, Camp Fire volunteers drive a convoy of Japanese military vehicles from the Port of Tacoma to Yakima under Washington State Patrol escort. There we provide you with a quick meal and then bus you back to Tacoma. Several weeks later the process happens in reverse. Volunteers are bussed to Yakima then they drive the vehicles back to the port.

Through these efforts,  volunteers raise tens of thousands of dollars for our youth programs. The amount raised depends on the number of vehicles available for our volunteers to drive.

We usually drive an assortment of vehicles: ambulances, humvees, small and large trucks, etc., and the steering wheels are on the right side of the vehicle. The majority of them have manual transmissions. A commercial driver's license (CDL) is required for the larger vehicles only.



Questions about driving in the Convoy? Contact Sheryl Widmer, Convoy Project Manager: or (253) 370-8241.

Visit our Facebook page to view pictures from last year's Convoy










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