Welcome to the Orca Council Scrapbook. It is a work in progress, as we will be adding more links to photos, including ones from years past. We hope you will visit often to browse through the photos.

2010 Council Fire, June 4, Columbia Junior High School, Fife, WA.

THE MYSTERY TRIP is a special party held each year for high level candy sellers. Honorees are given the date and time, but don't know where the party will be held.

2010 Mystery Trip to Tacoma Glass Blowing. 


HANDS-ON WORKSHOP. In February 2010, former Camp Fire girl Barbara White provided council members with a hands-on workshop on how to create artwork from recycled materials. According to reports, and judging from the photographs taken at the scene, a great time was had by all.

Download the RECYCLING INTO ART Handout
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Art Competition

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Council Fire Daffodil Parade
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