Teen Outreach



Orca Council's Teen Outreach Program, under the direction of Mary Grant, advocates with service providers on the behalf of homeless youth.

Outreach services are one-on-one, free of charge and highly individualized. They may be as simple as opening Camp Fire’s Teen Clothing Closet for a youth to choose teen-appropriate clothing, or as complex as helping a 13-year old experience a healthy pregnancy, find daycare for her child, and re-enroll in school.

March 2014. The program is growing! The Teen Outreach Program is expanding its services to include evening drop-in hours a few nights a week at our new WoHeLo Center – just next door in suite #2! Some great volunteers came in to tear out the carpet and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. More updates over the next few months – stay tuned!

Ms. Grant is a member of the Tacoma Gang Project Community Steering Committee. Contact the program via e-mail at mgrant@campfireorca.org.

Teen Outreach helps youth meet basic needs — clothing, food, housing and hygiene and their secondary needs education (including school supplies, employment, healthcare (including counseling), and transportation.

The program is funded in part by the United Way of Pierce County.




Camp Fire's Teen Outreach Program
was awarded funding by the Youth Philanthropy Board, a program started by the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to give young people a voice in the programs that directly impact their lives.  The Tacoma Weekly.  October 20, 2011.


“When I was living on the street and moving around from place to place, I was cold, dirty, hungry and angry. My whole body hurt because it was so cold, and there was nothing I could do to get warm. At 15 years old, I should not have had to live like this. In the past few months, I have learned that there are people that care about me, even if they don’t know me."  —Stephen, Puyallup

The Problem of Runaway Parents
A common view of homeless or at-risk teens is that they are belligerent, out-of-control youth who defy parental rules and run away from home.

In fact, it is often the parents who have “runaway” from their children, either literally or figuratively. These youth are often unaware of the resources available to them and/or lack the skills to access them. A 2002 University of Nebraska survey indicates that:

  • 63% of “homeless youth” report having been physically and/or sexually abused prior to leaving home

  • 85% report that one or both parents are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.

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